Returning the Favor

Topic of the Week 3
Before winter break, my roommate and I rented Julie and Julia, a film basically about a woman who started a cooking blog and made it famous. Cooking was this woman’s passion and she wanted to share it with the world. This got me thinking, “What are my passions?” The first thing that popped in my mind was motivating people to get out and just love life. Therefore, I started my first blog at that seeks to motivate others and also includes some things on my bucket list such as visiting every Major League baseball stadium and camping out under the stars for a night.

After a few weeks, however, no one (other than my friends whom I persuaded to start blogs also) had viewed my page. I thought I had great content, and even some great images, but I guess not. There was something missing, but what? I figured that out in my COMM 2322 class.

Susan Gunelius, President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., a full service marketing communications provider, and author of “What are Blog Comments,” described “blog comments are the lifeblood of a blog.” I believe she means that although a blog may have great content, it can’t grow without input from others. Therefore, a blog must be focused, not on the blog itself, but the blogging community.

Blog comments are what make pages so interactive, unlike static websites. Comments allow others to join the conversation, adding value and new ideas to already existing information. Gunelius also states that the community makes a blog successful. Selfish and unethical motives will always fail.

So what then, makes an effective blog comment? Corinee Weisgerber highlights nine ways to blog in her presentation “Blogging and Managing Your Personal Brand“:
1. Disagree respectfully
2. Extend the conversation
3. Go beyond “great post” or “I agree”
4. Comment within a day or two
5. Read comments before posting
6. Stay on topic
7. Link to your sources
8. Only link to yourself if relevant
9. Use email for private comments

What are some tips for blog comments that you like to use? Make the world a better place and share your knowledge. That’s what blogging is for, right? 🙂



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2 responses to “Returning the Favor

  1. I really enjoyed what you talked about within your blog about commenting. First of all, I loved the movie Julie and Julia! The movie made me want to make my blog an inspiration to others. It made me want to try new things, and encourage others with it. I believe that the movie shows that even when we feel like no one is listening, someone is.
    I loved how you said “Blog comments are what make pages so interactive, unlike static websites.” Blog comments truly do make blogging a whole new experience. Without comments, we as bloggers miss out from receiving input from our readers. We also miss out on certain opinions that could change our view on different topics or even life.

  2. I, too, saw the movie Julie & Julia. Ironically, I had to make a blog for another college course, and I chose cooking as my topic, so it was interesting to see what Julie blogged about in the film. My cooking experiences are not quite as crazy as hers, but it’s fun to make comparisons!

    I like your words about finding a passion and sharing it with the world. That’s great that you started a blog for this purpose! I agree that sometimes it seems as if nobody sees your blog, and it’s disappointing when you do have such good content. When you’re that passionate about something, it can take a lot of time and effort to keep it up, so you want people to gain something from your posts. It’s amazing to see how commenting on other blogs makes a difference, though! I never thought comments really mattered that much until taking PR Applications.

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