Nifty Fifties

Topic of the Week 4
To me, the 1950’s were probably the most fascinating era in American history. After WWII, the United States experience a boom in the economy and also rapid growth in mass media. If I could work in an era of PR history, it would definitely be 1950!
 During this time, there was a revolution in the mass media industry as televisions changed the public relations scene. Just as smart phones, blogging, and other technological advances are transforming  today’s culture, the television started a revolution within the teenage community in the 1950s.

I first fell in love with the 1950’s after watching the movie Back to the Future. I love the style, the cars, and the lifestyle. Everything just seemed more laid back and family-oriented. The 1950’s was a time of prosperity and hope for the future. It was a time where we were introduced to Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor, celebrities whose work still has an impact on today’s society. It was a time where Drive-in movie theaters and shopping malls sprung up around the nation. Shows such as Lassie and The Ed Sullivan Show ruled the television airwaves, while Jackie Robinson, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jim Brown were stars in the athletic platform.

The most interesting part of the 1950’s, however, was the music. Although Elvis Presley was the main highlight of the music industry during this time with the introduction of rock and roll, I have fallen in love with the soothing voices of Frank Sinatra (my personal favorite) and Nat King Cole. Whenever I am having a rough day I just turn on some Frank, close my eyes, and imagine myself at his concert in New York City.

The 1950’s culture makes me think that maybe I was born in the wrong era, or maybe I’m just an old at heart.


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