More Social Networking, Please!

Topic of the Week 5
One Week of Twitter

Jumping On The Social Media Bandwagon

Really? Another social networking site? Tweeting? Don’t birds do that?

That was my initial thought about Twitter. My feelings about Twitter didn’t improve after watching an episode of the Tyra Banks Show. During the show, a couple was interviewed over how Twitter ruined their relationship. Instead of taking advantage of the time they spent together, the boyfriend would tweet about every action he took such as, “Driving to the restaurant,” “ordering my meal,” “eating my meal,” “on the way home,” and so on.

 For my COMM 2322 class, however, we learned how to use Twitter in a healthful manner and also some practical applications it has to the world of public relations. In addition, we were assigned to create Twitter accounts and send out 20 tweets over a period of 1 week. Here are some details about my experience:

 At first I was kind of nervous about this assignment. I was afraid no one would find my tweets interesting and how I was going to randomly respond to another person’s tweet. I found, however, that some of the things I said made people laugh. For example, I commented about how one night I dropped a liter of Mountain Dew on the ground at a gas station and the employee just stared at me, expecting to clean it all up myself. So I did after I found a mop and bucket full of water conveniently located near the checkout counter. A few people replied to this tweet requesting more information about this mishap!

 Using Twitter, I also found a community of people who watched the first episode of the last season of Lost on February 2. It was interesting to see what people thought of the show while the show was playing. I was able to see event unfold from new perspectives and was introduced to questions people had concerning the show that I didn’t think of myself.

Overall, I enjoyed the Twitter experience so far and hope to use Twitter more in the future. And be sure to follow me!


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