I am a hard core, diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan. Living in Florida during the NBA regular season has been extremely hard on me simply because I can’t watch every game on television. Luckily, a few times a month, Cavs games are broadcasted on ESPN or TNT when they play another top-notch team such as the L.A. Lakers, Orlando Magic, or Boston Celtics.

If you haven’t heard of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ best player, there is a good chance that you have been living under a rock recently. Just turn on ESPN or read the sports columns and this man is sure to be mentioned. This player is Lebron James, who is considered to be the next Michael Jordan with his high-flying dunks and insane 3-point shooting streaks when the game is on the line. Although he has only played a few seasons, I, along with thousands of others, consider Lebron one of the game’s greatest players ever.

Lebron James may be “The King” to the city of Cleveland, but I have witnessed some of his ridiculous antics. From crying to referees when calls don’t go his way to occasional dirty plays, Lebron has a lot of maturing to do in order to be considered the greatest all-time. His latest scandal to rock the NBA world was pulling out of this year’s dunk contest at the all-star game after promising fans publically that he would participate. These continuous negative actions have dirtied his image as fans are beginning to label him as a sore loser and someone who refuses to keep his word. Simply stated, Lebron is a liar.

As more and more people “witness” Lebron’s complaining and unsportsmanlike conduct, his publicist will become more and more important to protecting his worldwide image. If I were his publicist, I believe now is the time for Lebron to start cleaning up his act before things get out of hand. It takes years to create a clean slate. Lebron can look to his fellow opponent Ron Artest, who faced years of scrutiny after assulting a fan, to see how long the process of generating a new image can take.


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  1. First off I am a huge Lebron fan! And “Wittness” fan! Great post, I definitely agree with the importance of keeping your image positive when your in that high of publicity. I agree, he does tend to complain and cry so to speak when calls don’t seem to go his way. But great post!

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