Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I can’t stop thinking about my future. One good thing about my major of journalism/public relations is that it offers me with many different types of job opportunities ranging from news colunmnist to magazine designer, human relations specialist to event planning. This wide variety of choices, however, will be my downfall. I can’t choose just one, and I don’t feel like I have enough experience in any of these categories. In fact, I don’t know what steps I take now in order to get a job. Sometimes I  need to take more action than simply trying to get my degree.

Discussing resume building and job interview tips in class got me thinking about possible internships this summer. I  wasn’t planning on applying for an internship this summer, but I feel like its time to start learning on-the-job skills. During my exploration, I discovered Internships.com.  This website helps students build their cover letters,  resumes, and reference sheets, and well as follow up letters through different blogs, videos, and programs. In addition, Internships.com offers college students the opportunity to search for thousands of internships across the nation.

Here are some  jobs that caught my eye:
ESPN Internships
ESPN Books
Turner Sports Public Relations
Publicity Intern at Urbane Imagery
Cleveland Browns Photographer
Nature Photography Intern


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  1. Amanda, I agree with your overwhelming thoughts of “where do I go from here?” As Journalism/PR majors, we dabble in everything, but our focus never rests in one area. I’ve heard from past graduates in our major, that in our senior year we will be asked to complete work study or an internship where we will receive on the job training in a field that we choose. This might help in choosing which area we want to begin in, and get more hands on experience at the same time.

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