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COMM 2322 – Chapter 3

Ethics and Professionalism
Chapter three of Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, highlights topics such as ethics, the role of professional organizations, professional codes of conduct, professionalism, licensing, and accreditation.

Here are a few tidbits of information I found important:

What is Ethics?
Depending on your religious or philosophical views, or even your family background, everyone has a different view on what ethics are and what codes of conduct to follow. Public relations professionals, when making ethical decisions, must take into consideration the public interest, the employer’s self-interests, the standards of the public relations profession, and their personal values. Therefore, making ethical decisions is a complex process.

Professional Organizations
1.) The Public Relations Society of America
          -The largest public relations organization in the world
          -Publishes Tactics and The Strategist
          -Sponsors the Silver and Bronze Anvil awards
2.) The International Association of Business Communicators
          -Publishes Communication World in magazine and e-mail format
          -Sponsors the Golden Quill honors
3.) The International Public Relations Association
          -Organizes regional and international conferences to discuss issues in global PR
          -Publishes Frontline
Sponsors the Golden World Awards

Codes for Specific Situations
1. Financial Information
2. Video News Releases
3. Internet Public Relations
4. Corporate Practice

 To find out more information or explore to the world of PR for yourself check out Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.


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