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Topic of the Week 12
Interview with Kneale Mann

Last week, my COMM 2322 class got to experience the wisdom of Public Relations professional Martin Waxman. This week, the blessing continues with a word from Kneale Mann. Through an interview conducted by my Public Relations Applications professor, Barbara Nixon, my class received valuable insight from Mann concerning blogging strategies and the importance of writing. Here are some tips I learned from Mann that I should hold onto for the rest of my PR career.

“I’m a geek.”
A self-described “Geek,” Kneale Mann encourages first-time bloggers to write about their main interests. For example, Mann’s blog, One Mann’s Opinion, discusses strategies for marketing and social media. Although his first post was entitled “I’m a Geek,” simply stating that he was starting a blog and had no idea where it was headed, he took the plunge. He started writing, which leads us to the next important point to Mann’s interview:

“Too often we are trying to go for the absolute victory before we do the work.”
Kneale Mann suggests that practicing writing is the key to successful writing and also the key to a successful blog. He states that the most important part about blogging is finding a focus. Although not that many people subscribe to the blog at first, Mann encourages us that starting a blog is the hardest part. Once you find the audience you are trying to connect with, blogging gets easier because of the instant feedback it allows. Our downfall of today’s society is that we want results right away, or as Mann describes, “instant status.” The world, however, doesn’t work that way. But how do we gain followers? That leads us to the final point:

“The price of admission is contribution.”
The key to a successful blog is finding “blog buddies.” Social media allows bloggers to build relationships through participating in two-way conversation, sharing ideas and feelings with one another. Finding blog buddies gives us, as writers, validation that there are people out there interested in what we have to say. In addition, networking using blog commenting, allows others to give advice.

It was a pleasure to listen to the great information Kneale Mann provided our class with. For more information on Kneale Mann check out his profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter or check out the interview for yourself!!


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