About Me!

It’s funny how much life can change in a matter of months. A year ago, did I think I would be sitting in front of my computer right now venturing into the world of blogging? Absolutely not. Did I think I would be taking a class on public relations applications? Absolutely not. God, however, knew exactly what he was doing with my life.

Last year, I attended Grove City College in Pennsylvania in order to play softball and major in secondary chemistry education. God, however, decided to change the direction of my life. I don’t want to give a testimony of how I arrived in Southeastern University. There is just not enough space or time for that (although I would be willing to tell  my story if asked). I do know, however, that as I began to trust God’s plan for my life, I began to gain confidence in my abilities and embrace the unique gifts I have been given. In addition, I began to dream big.

The major of Journalism/Public Relations and minor of Web Development provides me with so many opportunities to not only reach my dreams, but more importantly, reach the world. My dream is to become an art director or editor of a women’s fitness/healthy living magazine. I also wouldn’t mind being a sports columnist.

Growing up a the small town of Conneaut, Ohio, sports were basically my life. As a matter of fact, they still are. I love playing, watching, and discussing all sports, except soccer for some reason. I am a passionate Cleveland sports fan. In addition, I enjoy exercise, riding my four wheeler, writing, photography, coaching, children’s ministry, and just being active. Everyday I am excited to see what God has in store for my life. Right now, I’m focused on learning the skills necessary to be successful in the journalism business and to be a successful disciple of Jesus Christ.


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