Life in Technicolor

Choosing a favorite music artist, for me, is a difficult challenge. One minute country music will be blasting out my speakers and the next day I will be addicted to the sounds of Frank Sinatra. Some bands, such as Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty, and OneRepublic will always be a part of my favorites list. I have to say that if there is a time here I just need some good background music to increase the mood of the environment, Coldplay is my go-to choice. I really enjoy Coldplay’s use of rhythm piano, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, and melodic song writing. In addition, they are willing to take chances by infusing sounds from various different cultures.

Coldplay is highly involved with their fans, especially through social networking mediums such as Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook.   Most of their interaction with the public occurs through their official website. Here are a few examples of Coldplay’s use of public relations:

1.) As a thank you to their fans, Coldplay released a free copy of their album LeftRightLeftRightLeft, which features 9 live songs including “Viva La Vida” and “Clocks.” The album can be downloaded on their website.

2.) The official Coldplay website includes a page called The Exhibition Room where fans have the opportunity to display their digital artwork. Throughout its existence fans have uploaded their animation, graphic design, home videos, claymation, illustrations, paintings, photography, music videos, and short films. Each week, Coldplay members choose a new piece of work to add to the online art gallery.

3.) Another page on the official website is called the Oracle. This area allows fans to ask “The Oracle” questions regarding band members such as “What is Chris Martin’s favorite song he has performed?” and much more!

4.) One interesting use of public relations is the adventures of Coldplay puppets. Each puppet looks like one of the band members and a picture is taken with the puppets in an area that best represents each tour spot. Although I am not really sure what significance this has, it sure is humorous and interesting to see where the puppets will end up next! Here’s a picture of the puppets in Argentina!


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Taking the Next Step

Topic of the Week 7

15 seconds. That’s all a resume gets.  A quick glance and you are either a “possible” candidate or tossed into trash, never to be looked at again. It may seem harsh. I mean we work hard through 16+ years of eductation and achieve more than we possibly could imagine. And still, that might not be enough to get the job. Life, however, wasn’t meant to be easy. Luckily, there are ways we can catch the eye of an employer in just 15 seconds!

Utilize Resources
As mentioned in my  previous post, Overwhelmed?, is a great site for students looking for semester or summer internships. In addition, helps visitors create resumes quickly and organize their data. For example, with Quick Resume Builder, users fill out various information areas in education and experience such as degree, relevant course work, school projects relating to the internship, responsibilities, honors, scholarships, and leadership experience. Additional information such as foreign languages and software experience can be added as well.

For More Information
It is important for college students to keep the resume down to one page. Because you only get a 15 second glance, it is unnecessary to add an excess of information. To keep employers interested, add a link to online resume websites such as

Short and Sweet
Finally, sifting out what kind of information to add to your resume can be overwhelming. Writing Your First Resume, an article on offers plenty of tips for first-time resume builders as well as a resume writing guide, resume samples, and resume templates. Here are a few tips the author, Louise Fletcher shared:

Things to include on your resume:
Positive personal characteristics
Technical and computer skills
Coursework relevant to your desired profession
Educational accomplishments (include your GPA if it’s over 3.0)
Skills and experience gained during internships or summer jobs
Other related accomplishments (design awards, recognition, winning competitions etc.)
Work History (include unpaid work if it relates to your target positions)

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Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I can’t stop thinking about my future. One good thing about my major of journalism/public relations is that it offers me with many different types of job opportunities ranging from news colunmnist to magazine designer, human relations specialist to event planning. This wide variety of choices, however, will be my downfall. I can’t choose just one, and I don’t feel like I have enough experience in any of these categories. In fact, I don’t know what steps I take now in order to get a job. Sometimes I  need to take more action than simply trying to get my degree.

Discussing resume building and job interview tips in class got me thinking about possible internships this summer. I  wasn’t planning on applying for an internship this summer, but I feel like its time to start learning on-the-job skills. During my exploration, I discovered  This website helps students build their cover letters,  resumes, and reference sheets, and well as follow up letters through different blogs, videos, and programs. In addition, offers college students the opportunity to search for thousands of internships across the nation.

Here are some  jobs that caught my eye:
ESPN Internships
ESPN Books
Turner Sports Public Relations
Publicity Intern at Urbane Imagery
Cleveland Browns Photographer
Nature Photography Intern

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Two Roads Diverge

Topic of the Week 6
Public Relations Departments and Firms

Public Relations Departments or Public Relations Firms? Is there really that much of a difference? The answer is yes! Make that definitely yes!

Which Path Will You Choose?

In my opinion, it would be most beneficial for a new PR practitioner to begin a career in a PR firm. First off, the importance of the public relations firms are growing at an extremely rapid rate.  Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, “forecasts that the public relations industry will grow 11.1 percent though 2010.”  This is because American corporations are becoming more interested in outsourcing their PR services to outside contractors. In addition, the text states “Today about 90 percent of corporate and institutional advertising is handled by agencies rather than by in-house departments.”  This means there are more opportunities for jobs and advancements within PR firms.

Secondly, PR firms offer extensive variety on the job because agencies are involved with several clients and projects. This variety also allows for advancement within the field and the ability to gain skills at a faster rate. Even though PR firms offer more to choose from, budgets and resources are traditionally lower than those in corporate PR, where salaries are much higher at entry level. However, the credibility gained within a PR firm is very valuable. For example, “A successful public relations firm has a solid reputation for professional, ethical work. If represented by such a firm, a client is likely to get more attention among opinion leaders in mass media, government, and the financial community.” Therefore, after gaining experience with a PR firm, higher salaries can be reach by moving to corporate PR because of the high credibility gained within the agency.

Advantages of Departments
Important component in the “big picture
Get to know the organization very well
Less daily pressure
More resources available
Higher salaries, more benefits

Disadvantages of Departments
Jobs more difficult to find without experience
Little variety
Growth usually limited
Not much time for networking with other PR professionals
Not a lot of coaching by peers, strength in all areas expected

Advantages of Firms
Fast paced, exciting
High amount of variety
High amount of networking with other PR professionals
Opportunities for mentoring
Rapid growth in firms

Disadvantages of Firms
Intense daily pressure
Limited budget and resources
Low salary at entry level
Seldom see the impact of your work
Less resources available

To find out more information or explore to the world of PR for yourself check out Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

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 I am a hard core, diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan. Living in Florida during the NBA regular season has been extremely hard on me simply because I can’t watch every game on television. Luckily, a few times a month, Cavs games are broadcasted on ESPN or TNT when they play another top-notch team such as the L.A. Lakers, Orlando Magic, or Boston Celtics.

If you haven’t heard of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ best player, there is a good chance that you have been living under a rock recently. Just turn on ESPN or read the sports columns and this man is sure to be mentioned. This player is Lebron James, who is considered to be the next Michael Jordan with his high-flying dunks and insane 3-point shooting streaks when the game is on the line. Although he has only played a few seasons, I, along with thousands of others, consider Lebron one of the game’s greatest players ever.

Lebron James may be “The King” to the city of Cleveland, but I have witnessed some of his ridiculous antics. From crying to referees when calls don’t go his way to occasional dirty plays, Lebron has a lot of maturing to do in order to be considered the greatest all-time. His latest scandal to rock the NBA world was pulling out of this year’s dunk contest at the all-star game after promising fans publically that he would participate. These continuous negative actions have dirtied his image as fans are beginning to label him as a sore loser and someone who refuses to keep his word. Simply stated, Lebron is a liar.

As more and more people “witness” Lebron’s complaining and unsportsmanlike conduct, his publicist will become more and more important to protecting his worldwide image. If I were his publicist, I believe now is the time for Lebron to start cleaning up his act before things get out of hand. It takes years to create a clean slate. Lebron can look to his fellow opponent Ron Artest, who faced years of scrutiny after assulting a fan, to see how long the process of generating a new image can take.

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More Social Networking, Please!

Topic of the Week 5
One Week of Twitter

Jumping On The Social Media Bandwagon

Really? Another social networking site? Tweeting? Don’t birds do that?

That was my initial thought about Twitter. My feelings about Twitter didn’t improve after watching an episode of the Tyra Banks Show. During the show, a couple was interviewed over how Twitter ruined their relationship. Instead of taking advantage of the time they spent together, the boyfriend would tweet about every action he took such as, “Driving to the restaurant,” “ordering my meal,” “eating my meal,” “on the way home,” and so on.

 For my COMM 2322 class, however, we learned how to use Twitter in a healthful manner and also some practical applications it has to the world of public relations. In addition, we were assigned to create Twitter accounts and send out 20 tweets over a period of 1 week. Here are some details about my experience:

 At first I was kind of nervous about this assignment. I was afraid no one would find my tweets interesting and how I was going to randomly respond to another person’s tweet. I found, however, that some of the things I said made people laugh. For example, I commented about how one night I dropped a liter of Mountain Dew on the ground at a gas station and the employee just stared at me, expecting to clean it all up myself. So I did after I found a mop and bucket full of water conveniently located near the checkout counter. A few people replied to this tweet requesting more information about this mishap!

 Using Twitter, I also found a community of people who watched the first episode of the last season of Lost on February 2. It was interesting to see what people thought of the show while the show was playing. I was able to see event unfold from new perspectives and was introduced to questions people had concerning the show that I didn’t think of myself.

Overall, I enjoyed the Twitter experience so far and hope to use Twitter more in the future. And be sure to follow me!

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Big Dreams.

Over the past two weeks in COMM 2322, Public Relations Applications, we have been touching on the basics of the public relations profession. Because I don’t really know a lot about the PR field, I began to research different PR careers that would suit my style and my talents. I love sports so I began to explore public relations in the world of professional athletics. On Women Sports I found three careers that are associated with PR and the duties performed in these areas:

Public Relations Director
Writing press releases
Producing publications
Organizing press box activities
Compiling and updating statistics
Web-site maintenance
Supporting the inhouse broadcasting department

Community Relations Director
Represent the interests of those who don’t keep up with the team
Works to ensure the community sees the team as an asset with media, professional teams also need people Develop bonds with the public through charity auctions/festivals 

Promotions Manager
Build an exciting atmosphere around the game
Create, plan, coordinate, execute game-day activities that attract sponsors and fans

I believe out of these three areas, promotions manager is the most attractive. I would love creating events where fans interact with the teams. For example, when I was little I met Golden glove shortstop Omar Vizquel while participating in his pre-game television show. It was a dream come true when I got to ask him my question on regionally broadcasted television. “If you could be on any other team other than the Cleveland Indians what would it be?” Omar answered, “I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else.” I talked to my role model, shook his hand, and got his autograph. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I would love to make a child’s dream come true just as a promotions manager helped mine come true.

Cleveland's Progressive Field

Furthermore, I love the electric atmosphere of a baseball stadium or a basketball arena. Being a part of that community every day would make me one happy person! As my theology professor once said, “there is just something spiritual about walking into a stadium. The sights. The smells. The sounds. You know God is there watching.”

What direction do you want to go in the public relations profession? Sports? Politics? Fashion? Let your voice be heard 🙂

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