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Topic of the Week 2
I am a part of many different groups of people ranging from churches to sporting teams. These groups, in the realm of public relations are known as “publics.”  Dictionary.com defines a public as “a particular group of people with a common interest, aim, etc. In addition, Merrium-Webster describes a public as “the group at which a particular activity or enterprise aims.” Simply stated, a public is a grouping of individuals.

Kelloggsville Church of the Nazarene
I am a proud member of the Kelloggsville Church of the Nazarene. This beautiful church located in the “middle-of-nowhere,” is the place I call home. It was here where I first gave my life to Jesus and where, most recently, was baptized. Therefore, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Within the church I am a part of various smaller groups. For example, each summer I play shortstop for the co-ed slow-pitch softball team. Furthermore, I am a volunteer in the nursery, the sound booth, and a teacher at vacation bible school. In addition, I am part of a young adult group that gathers every Monday for food, fellowship, and fun.  
I continue to be involved in this public because of the strong relationships I have built within the church. Not only does most of my family attend Kelloggsville Nazarene, but a large number of my close friends go there as well for Sunday service or youth events. I am excited everytime I return home to see how much my church has grown and the new ministry opportunities avaliable.

Southeastern University Intramurals
One public that has made my transition to Southeastern University easier was the intramural sports. Through this group I have made many good friends. I joined intramurals for more than friends, however. One of the gifts God has blessed me with is athletic talent. I love just going outside and doing something active. Sports have been my life ever since I can remember and I thrive on the adreneline rush that comes from tough competition. I will always remember winning the intramural volleyball championship during the Fall ’09 semester!
To get involved in intramural sports at Southeastern University sign up on Athleague.com.

The Hub
A third public that I am involved with is The Hub. A bible study located at the Freedom Center in Lakeland, Florida, the group focuses on equipping college-aged students with the tools they need to impact the world. I became a part of The Hub in order to further define the calling God has placed upon my life and to get involved in the community around me. Moreover, I enjoy the intimate time of worship after a short devotional time. If you are looking for a small group to join I would definitely recommend The Hub!


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