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Making the Right Move

If you aren’t an avid sports fan like me who watches ESPN every morning, then you probably haven’t heard about Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Rothlisberger, a publicist’s nightmare. Here is the run down:
2006 Off-season: Rothlisberger crashes his motorcycle. He wasn’t wearing a helmet.
2009 Off-season: Rothlisberger is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his Lake Tahoe hotel room. (Charges Dropped)
2010 Off-season: Rothlisberger is accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year old college student in the women’s restroom of a nightclub. (Charges Dropped)

After this latest sexual assault scandal, Rothlisberger has been suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for 4-6 regular season games, even though all legal charges were dropped. This has caused some confusion among certain ESPN analysts, stating that the suspension is too severe because Rothlisberger was not charged. In my opinion, this disciplinary action is exactly what Rothlisberger deserves. For example, he continues to get into legal trouble year, after year, after year, and it is obvious that he hasn’t learned his lesson yet. As an NFL player, especially one who is in a such a high leadership role and the face of his team, should be responsible to hold himself at a higher standard. I mean, why in the world would a 28 year-old even be at a nightclub in the middle of a college town? There is no reason for that. Even though Rothlisberger might have been falsely accused, continuing to place himself in these shady situations just shows he is asking for trouble. Therefore, severe measures have to be taken to serve as a wake-up call to this great player. I don’t want to see such a talented athlete throw it all away and I don’t think Goodell does either.



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Get Loud!

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a sports junkie and I dedicate most of my PR connection posts to the world of sports. This post follows suit.

When I was in high school, I fell in love with the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. As if it was yesterday, I clearly remember their slogan “Get Loud! Get Crazy Loud!” This phrase has stuck with Cavs fans and their organization ever since. Because it is playoff time, the noise level only increases within Quicken Loans Area. The Cavaliers public relations team gave fans another way to “Get Crazy Loud” during game two of the first-round series against the Chicago Bulls: each fan was given a box of Kraft Macaroni Cheesy Explosion to shake throughout the competition.

The cool thing about the Kraft promotion is that after the game, fans can either take the free box of macaroni home, or they can place it in a donation box located throughout the arena. This donation goes to the local food pantry, which shows that Cleveland is dedicated to the needy community that surrounds them. This project is just another reason showing how the “NBA Cares” and I’m all for it!

P.S. The Cleveland Cavaliers just beat the Bulls, causing them to go 2-0 in the series. I’m all for that too!

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Spring Break ’10!

Topic of the Week 8
How I Spent My Spring Break

Do you ever have those moments where you are just blown away by the way things work out? I am definitely having one of those moments. For as long I can remember I have been a hardcore baseball fan. I absolutely love the atmosphere of a baseball stadium: the sights, the sounds, the smells – everything! Recently, after a long chain of events, I was hired as a ball girl for the Detroit Tigers spring training. That means I sit directly on the left field line, field ground balls that come my way, then hand them to children in the stands. Before the game and in between innings I have the opportunity to interact with fans who actually had to pay to get into the game. As I sit in my chair I continually think to myself, “I get paid for this!” It is seriously a dream come true!

Although being the ballgirl is a great job, its not something I want to do for the rest of my life.  As I sit in my chair I get a first hand experience of community relations within the park. I get to observe all the promotions such as “Hot Dog Row” and “Three Generation Trivia.” All of these games and giveaways are great ideas to get the crowd involved in the game on a more personal level. In addition, public relations professionals find children before each game to say those famous words “PLAY BALL!” and to run the rosin bag out to the pitcher’s mound. After the game, kids are able to run the bases and parents are able to cheer on their children while taking tons of photos.

I think I found a possible career. Even though I just love watching the game, I would love to make the game a memorable experience for the fans- something they will remember for years to come!

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 I am a hard core, diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan. Living in Florida during the NBA regular season has been extremely hard on me simply because I can’t watch every game on television. Luckily, a few times a month, Cavs games are broadcasted on ESPN or TNT when they play another top-notch team such as the L.A. Lakers, Orlando Magic, or Boston Celtics.

If you haven’t heard of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ best player, there is a good chance that you have been living under a rock recently. Just turn on ESPN or read the sports columns and this man is sure to be mentioned. This player is Lebron James, who is considered to be the next Michael Jordan with his high-flying dunks and insane 3-point shooting streaks when the game is on the line. Although he has only played a few seasons, I, along with thousands of others, consider Lebron one of the game’s greatest players ever.

Lebron James may be “The King” to the city of Cleveland, but I have witnessed some of his ridiculous antics. From crying to referees when calls don’t go his way to occasional dirty plays, Lebron has a lot of maturing to do in order to be considered the greatest all-time. His latest scandal to rock the NBA world was pulling out of this year’s dunk contest at the all-star game after promising fans publically that he would participate. These continuous negative actions have dirtied his image as fans are beginning to label him as a sore loser and someone who refuses to keep his word. Simply stated, Lebron is a liar.

As more and more people “witness” Lebron’s complaining and unsportsmanlike conduct, his publicist will become more and more important to protecting his worldwide image. If I were his publicist, I believe now is the time for Lebron to start cleaning up his act before things get out of hand. It takes years to create a clean slate. Lebron can look to his fellow opponent Ron Artest, who faced years of scrutiny after assulting a fan, to see how long the process of generating a new image can take.

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If you ever get to know me on a more personal level you would find that I am a huge Cleveland sports fan. Any story concering the Indians, Cavaliers, or Browns captures my attention immediately. For my English Composition class, we were given the opportunity to write an essay on the topic of our choice and Cleveland sports instantly came to mind as the basis of my paper. I’d love to share with you what I wrote: Mistake on the Lake (This link will open up to a Microsoft Word file).

Here is a little Youtube video I stumbled across on newenglandynasty‘s channel as I was doing my research:

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